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Future Works - Economist Events

Posted by Learningly Staff on

Future Works  - from the Economist Group

The global economy is in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technological innovation and globalization are combining to produce big and rapid change, which is starting to transform every aspect of how economies and the businesses within them work. Nowhere is this change likely to be experienced more acutely than in the workplace. New skills will be needed, and some existing skills will become redundant. Robots will replace workers in some places, and become valuable colleagues in others. Some workers will earn more than ever, and enjoy higher benefits and greater autonomy. Many more face the prospect of trying to eke out enough money to live on from work that may be temporary, unsatisfying and poorly paid.

The Economist’s Future Works event will convene in Chicago to explore the outlook for Jobs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, bringing together Economist editors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, civil society leaders and thinkers.

It will address a range of challenges including how to recruit, motivate and retain workers with scarce, valuable talents, who may enjoy unprecedented choices; how to manage the growing army of temporary workers, many of whom have increasingly commoditized skills delivered through digital platforms such as Uber; and how the outlook for workers of every kind will be changed by the adoption of robots, smart learning machines and artificial intelligence. 

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