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Business Management: How Workplace Stress Disrupts Productivity

Posted by Learningly Staff on

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Dubbed the health epidemic of the 21st century, stress has the ability to significantly disrupt not only your employees’ productivity, but also the success of your business as a whole. Workplace stress has been linked to difficulty concentrating, poor work quality and absenteeism. As such, every manager and business professional should place importance on reducing stress in the workplace. To do so, one must first understand how stress affects productivity.


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Workplace Stress Sacrifices Employees’ Loyalty

One of the very few positives of workplace stress is that it can motivate employees to perform tasks more quickly when a deadline is approaching. This is only true if the stress business management, courses online, classes online, growing a business, improve communication, is experienced in moderation, and is not a constant feature of the job. An overwhelming workload, too many demands and a lack of workplace support can contribute to a sense of panic and frustration that can quickly lower work quality. If these conditions frequently require overtime from your employees, the feeling of being unable to manage time efficiently can trigger resentment towards the company. This can negatively influence employees’ loyalty and commitment. To remedy this, sharpen your leadership and business management skills with online courses on now.


Work Stress Affects Relationships and Interactions

With a decrease in loyalty and commitment come strained interactions between employees and management. As employees begin to feel hopeless and helpless, their sensitivities are heightened. Their ability to accept all forms of criticism is reduced and job security, paranoia, jealousy, defensiveness, depression and resentment towards co-workers increases. This can impact the business significantly. Leadership classes online can show you how to reverse the effects of jeopardized relationships with your employees. However, it’s just as important to be proactive and not let the workplace stress get to that point in the first place. Learning how to improve communication may be the key to repairing these relationships.


Workplace Stress Interrupts Focus and Can Cause Costly Mistakes and Harmful Accidents

Excessive workplace stress affects not only your employees’ ability to remember things they already know, but more business management, courses online, classes online, growing a business, improve communication, importantly, it interrupts their ability to process new information they’re learning. As a result, they will also experience difficulties when applying such information to both physical and analytical situations that require their full attention. Mental exhaustion is caused by the worries, tension and anxieties that are experienced when in a stressful environment, and it can lead to harmful and costly mistakes on the job. Decrease the amount of stress and mental exhaustion employees feel within the workplace, and access business management online courses today.


Stress Leads to Health Problems that can Decrease Quality of Work

Stress is linked to several different health issues, many of which can cause a decrease in productivity and work quality and an increase absenteeism. Headaches, sleep disorders, blood pressure and vision problems are only a few of the problems linked to excessive stress. Overall, stress can affect the gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. When employees aren’t feeling well, they aren’t going to be working to their highest capabilities. Furthermore, if employees are unable to come into work due to illness, the work accumulated during their absence will only generate even more stress once they return.



Stress is inevitable within the workplace, but it’s your business management and leadership that can make the difference between whether it’s benefiting or harming your business. Access online courses today to improve communication, leadership and business management that will contribute to improving your business as a whole.





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