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New Courses on - January 2016

Posted by Ron Diorio on

Here’s a few of our most popular recent additions:

Making Disruptive Leadership Work: Brought to by NYU Professor Anat Lechner, this has been our most popular and well-received course to date. Consider taking this course if you’re looking to deepen your thinking around disruption opportunities and enhance your disruptive leadership competence, confidence, and overall effectiveness. Learn more.

How to Develop Gravitas: Created by the UK’s leading project deliver expert, Dr. Mike Clayton, this course will help you further your career with gravitas. Gravitas is that commanding impression of authority, judgement and wisdom that people look to when they want a leader, when they need advice, or when someone has to give them confidence in the future. Learn more.

Introduction to Digital Business Models: Developed by Dr. Alea Fairchild, Director of the Constantia Institute, this course examines the three main economic characteristics of digital business models, and suggests some of the benefits and trade-offs involved in developing a digital business model from these three perspectives. Learn more.

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