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An Easy to Follow Template for Designing Effective Online Learning Experiences

Posted by Becky Krill on


If you’re just getting started with sharing your expertise online, you’re probably wondering where to start. For published authors, keynote speakers and academics alike, repurposing existing content and productizing it online is a great way to extend brand reach while adding a revenue stream. For many experts, content comes easy but distribution can be a struggle. We're solving that struggle by helping elite subject matter experts repurpose content and reach an already engaged and intellectually curious audience of learners from around the world. 

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The goal for this post is to outline an easy to follow template for designing effective online learning experiences and provide experts with a single suite of tools to get the job done - quickly and easily.

Results First, Please

Before sharing the step by step approach, you should know what you can look forward to by following this roadmap with your own content. This process will deliver online learning experiences that are:

  • short (30-45 minutes in length)

  • succinct

  • bite-sized and digestible 

  • self-paced

  • interactive

The best part is that it’s easy. In less than 24 hours you could be enrolling learners from every corner of the globe. Keep in mind, there’s no wrong way to approach creating your online learning experience, but we think this one is the most effective!

A 3-Part Template for Success


Part 1: Every learning experience should begin with both an introduction and quiz. The introduction should pull in the learner, introduce them to the topic/s and engage them with the content. The quiz is intended not only to spark learner curiosity about the topic but also to prime them for the information they’re about to receive.

If you decide to create your online learning experience using the platform, you’ll be able to take advantage of our easy-to-use quiz builder, which can be used to create a multiple choice or true or false quiz in minutes.


Part 2Next comes the body of your learning experience, which typically will make up sections 2, 3, and 4. This is considered the meat. You may even have five or six body sections, depending on the nature of your content. Each section should include between one and four activities or lessons.

The lessons will vary depending on your content. However, some best practices to follow include integrating plenty of real-world examples, as well as practical tips and strategies for applying the concepts covered within your content. Add various types of media (charts, photos, videos, etc.) to enhance the content. A point to prioritize is readability, which can be optimized by avoiding distracting graphics.

Using the platform, you can upload and embed a multitude of media types to enhanced your learners’ experiences. The platform’s syllabus builder enables you to add and organize learning activities in a matter of minutes.


Part 3To wrap it all up, you’ll add a final section. This includes a post quiz for self-assessment purposes and a cumulative lesson, or “conclusion,” to recap the entire learning experience. You should also include some additional resources to help your learners continue down their path of mastery through self-exploration.

A Suite of Tools to Help You Get Started 

If you follow this template for designing effective online learning experiences, you’ll be able to wow your learners and impact positive learning outcomes for all.

The leg work of outlining and designing your learning experience is by far the most important part of productizing your expertise online; however, it’s not the end of the road. You’ll still need to find the technology to support your vision. combines the best of online learning, e-commerce, and marketplace functionality, making it the leading one-stop-shop for the elite subject matter experts of the world. We’re also happy to support you in designing your learning experience via our concierge service. 

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