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Isaac Gottlieb

Isaac Gottlieb

About the Expert

Isaac Gottlieb, PhD

Dr. Isaac Gottlieb received his PhD from Columbia University in Industrial and management Engineering.  He is currently a a professor at Temple University.

He is the author of the book “Next Generation Excel: Modeling In Excel For Analysts And MBAs (For MS Windows And Mac OS)”, Wiley Publications.


Professor Gottlieb has taught this course, an academic course as well as a workshop at several universities including, Columbia, NYU, Rutgers and Temple in the USA; and in several universities abroad. He has also conducted this workshop in numerous corporations. He also teaches courses in Analytic techniques For Decision Making, Operations Management and Statistics for managers.

Isaac Gottlieb was awarded the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for 2014-16. 


With over 25 years of industrial experience in manufacturing and consulting, Dr. Gottlieb applies these techniques to a variety of applications.

Dr. Gottlieb authors an Excel Tip of the Month newsletter mailed to over 50,000 subscribers.


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